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Come and join our growing community of people supporting a better way of doing politics. 

We'll need all our volunteers on election day!!

Register below and you'll get a call from your local area leader who can help you navigate you around our volunteer app Connecteam so you can see all volunteering opportunities and self-select an election day booth shift.  (Download and add yourself in advance here.)  

Please note, if you register late on Friday night, we may not be able to allocate you to a shift as the rosters need to be finalised earlier in the day.



In applying to become a volunteer, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the Volunteer Agreement and understand the campaign values and your responsibilities as outlined in the Code of Conduct

Dr Sophie Scamps' campaign is a positive campaign and we request our supporters engage in positive action and support only. Dr Sophie Scamps does not support negative campaigning or illegal activity, including graffiti of any kind. 


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