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Code of Conduct

Sophie Scamps Campaign Code of Conduct

As a volunteer, supporter or staff member working on the Sophie Scamps campaign managed by Independent Mackellar Pty Ltd, you will need to agree to act in accordance with our company policies and behave in a way that furthers our cause and reflects our values which include:

  • integrity¬†
  • transparency
  • inclusivity
  • positivity

We ask that you pledge to demonstrate the following behaviours:

Be your best self; act with honesty, courtesy, reasonable care and diligence.

Promote democracy; act to promote the electoral process and respectful discourse within our community.

Engage in positive action; never publicity disparage or defame any other political campaign, candidate, elected representative or members of our community.

Be welcoming, inclusive and work safe; work to facilitate a kind and healthy environment for all.

Please complete the form and let us know how you would like to help - you can tick more than one box.