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Climate, Energy and the Environment

Climate change is not only an environmental issue, but it is an economic, health and national security issue too. Australia has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to become a renewable energy superpower, however we need the Federal Government to show leadership when it comes to acting on Climate Change.

Australia’s environment is also under severe threat. We are a world leader in land clearing while many of our iconic species such as the koala face extinction if we don’t act urgently.

My key climate, energy and environment policy priorities are:

  • Achieving a minimum 50% reduction in climate pollution by 2030
  • Achieving Net Zero emissions by at least 2050, and ideally before
  • Driving Australia's transition to clean energy and storage by supporting research and development in technologies and delivering an interconnected grid
  • Becoming a renewable energy superpower by achieving at least 85% renewable energy by 2030
  • Phasing out fossil fuels such as coal and gas
  • Protecting our oceans by ending the practice of offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling
  • Electrifying our homes and businesses
  • Electrifying our transport sector by making it cheaper for all Australians to access electric cars and electric utes
  • Protecting our native forests by ending native forest logging
  • Supporting communities experiencing and recovering from extreme weather disasters
  • Developing long-term adaptation strategies in response to climate change


My actions on climate, energy and environment policy:

  • Successfully convinced the Government to protect our precious aquifers from fracking by expanding the “water trigger” so all gas projects are subject to federal scrutiny Link
  • Negotiated improvements to the safeguard mechanism to ensure Australia’s biggest polluters reduce their emissions
  • Called for the establishment of a National Health, Wellbeing and Climate Strategy which is now full funded
  • Introduced a Private Members Motion to end the logging of our public native forests
  • Moved amendments to the Government’s proposed Sea Dumping Bill to ensure it is not used as a front to expand the fossil fuel industry
  • Led calls for an end to offshore oil and gas drilling and seconded Zali Steggall MP’s Stop PEP-11 and Protect Our Coast Bill
  • Strongly advocated for an end to taxpayer funded fossil fuel subsidies – which cost us $10 billion every year
  • Pushed the Government to make EVs cheaper and affordable for families and small businesses

Policy priorities for Mackellar

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