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Bringing integrity back to politics – my policies for a stronger democracy

Details of the full policy can be downloaded here.

Over the last three years I, like most Australians, have looked on in horror and dismay as standards in Parliament have slipped to an embarrassing low. 

The current government has misused taxpayer money for party political rorts and pork barrelling on a scale like we have never seen before. During this period, we have also seen scandal after scandal in our parliament from the reprehensible treatment of women to Ministers acting as if acceptable standards of behaviour do not apply to them.

Australians have lost trust that their elected representatives have their best interests at heart. From the sports rorts saga, to the blatant waste and pork-barrelling of taxpayer funds in the commuter carpark scandal, it is clear we need independent authorities to oversee the use of taxpayer funds.

The influence of donors and lobbyists over our elected officials is also clear for all to see. We need to reform donation disclosure rules in Australia so we can be confident that our democracy isn’t being sold to the highest bidder. 

It's time to restore integrity and a sense of decency into politics and create a culture of accountability and trust in parliament. We need a series of connected reforms to stamp out corruption, level the playing field and end the practice of cash for access. I look forward to doing that by:


  • Supporting a strong federal anti-corruption commission.
  • Strengthening the institutions that keep the federal government in check.
  • Reforming Australia’s political donation laws.
  • Making lobbying transparent. 
  • Preventing Ministers leaving office and moving immediately into industry jobs.
  • Introducing an enforceable code of conduct for politicians.
  • Introducing a merit-based process for appointing government advisors.
  • Introducing a merit-based process for government spending programs. 
  • Introducing standards of honesty in election campaigns.
  • Limiting political party spending on ads.  

Details of the full policy can be downloaded here.

Dr Sophie Scamps

Independent candidate for Mackellar

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