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Integrity in Politics

Australians voted overwhelmingly to restore integrity, trust and transparency in our democracy. As your Independent MP for Mackellar I am committed to restoring integrity and decency into politics and creating a culture of accountability and trust in Parliament. As MPs, we must set the standards we want for all Australians where everyone has equal opportunity and a voice on the issues that affect them.


My key integrity and transparency policy priorities are:

  • Ending the 'jobs for mates' culture in federal politics
  • Ensuring the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) is strong, effective and independent
  • Reforming electoral laws to improve transparency and limit the influence of donors and lobbyists
  • Protecting and valuing whistleblowers to uncover corrupt and unethical conduct
  • Working to free Julian Assange
  • Ending the practice of pork barrelling
  • Implementing the Jenkins Report to make Parliament a safe place to work and supporting similar policies for diversity in all workplaces


My actions on integrity policy:

  • Introduced my ‘Ending Jobs for Mates’ Bill which aims to legislate an independent and transparent political appointments process to end cronyism is federal politics
  • Negotiated with the government on amendments to the NACC Bill to strengthen the independence of the body
  • Moved amendments to ensure the Board of the National Reconstruction Fund (NRF) is independently appointed
  • Lobbied strongly for the government to enhance whistleblower protections including reform of the Public Interest Disclosure Act
  • Supported moves by the crossbench to implement an independent and transparent process for allocating grant funding to eradicate pork barrelling in federal politics
  • Strongly supported the campaign to free Julian Assange including signing an letter alongside a delegation of Australian federal politicians from all sides of politics
  • Backed Independent MP for Curtin Kate Chaney’s Restoring Trust Bill in a bid to ensure donation laws are fairer and more transparent

Policy priorities for Mackellar

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Integrity. Positivity. Inclusivity.