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Arts and Culture

Supporting Australia’s arts, culture and creative industry

Arts and culture is fundamental to our way of life in Mackellar, providing delight and a sense of belonging to a vibrant community full of creative people who contribute to the quality of life and economic prosperity of this area. Musicians, filmmakers, actors, writers and artists from Mackellar have made their mark globally, bringing recognition for the area and joy to millions of people.

The economic contribution of the arts is significant, with the arts and entertainment sector contributing $14.7 billion per year in value added (GDP). While recent mapping of the area’s cultural resources demonstrates that our creative cultural ecosystem is diverse and significant, representing a cultural ecology that embraces creative production, distribution and participation by both the community and visitors.

The Northern Beaches has been home to world renowned artists and musicians with acts like INXS, Angus and Julia Stone, Midnight Oil, Icehouse, Lime Cordiale, and authors such as Michael Robothom, Sarah Turnbull and Thomas Keneally – just to name a few. A vibrant local live music and cultural scene is essential to facilitate the emergence of the next major artists and continue Australia’s proud record of artistic endeavour. The economic contribution of the arts cannot be underestimated. 

The latest data indicates that more than 8% of the Northern Beaches workforce is employed in creative occupations, more than the national average of 4.2%. As a key driver of economic recovery, as well as community wellbeing and social cohesion, support for our often fragile cultural ecosystem will be critical. This will be especially important as Australia recovers from the pandemic because many artists and creators suffered disproportionately during the lockdowns, receiving little or no support from the Morrison Government.

As Australia emerges and rebuilds post pandemic we will need to invest in arts and culture to build confidence and resilience, and to reinvigorate a pride in our cultural identity. This cultural revitalisation and innovative problem solving will be vital in fostering a more sustainable and compassionate way of life.

In Mackellar opportunities for active cultural participation in our cultural life by all citizens of all ages and backgrounds is fundamental. This is why having a cultural policy to provide a framework for the future is so important. This framework aims to provide a basis for planning and decision making, to guide priority setting and resource allocation, to provide a basis for collaborative programs, to foster innovation and to build the foundations for the coming generations.

As the Member for Mackellar, I will work toward supporting Australia’s cultural sector by:

  1. Celebrating and respecting Australia’s unique Indigenous heritage and culture
  2. Developing a national strategy for arts and culture
  3. Protecting and building our public broadcasters
  4. Growing employment through a national arts and creative industries strategy, including digital games
  5. Harnessing support for arts education in schools, TAFE and across the tertiary sector
  6. Encouraging pathways for arts and cultural participation and spaces for creativity
  7. Protecting and celebrating our built and natural heritage

View my full Art and Culture Policy here