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Susan Coleman

I care about my community. I want society to work for the good of all, not just those with power and privilege. I felt proud of myself, the campaign and the voters of Mackellar when the seat was declared for Dr. Sophie Scamps on 22/5/22.

My career was as a TAFE teacher for over 30 years. I was inspired when I first heard Dr. Sophie Scamps speak about her policies on climate action, respect for women and integrity with authenticity and conviction.  Dr. Scamps cares evidence- based decision making and listening to the community.  No rhetoric or ideology shaping her views, just what is in the best interests of Mackellar.  I volunteered in the campaign: doorknocking, street listening, banner waving. Now I volunteer in the electorate office, helping community organisations to have the tools necessary in obtaining grants.

You can be part of this community movement and make a difference.