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Media Releases

Download and read Sophie’s media statements below:

Wednesday 6 December: Water Trigger will Protect Precious Water Resources from Fracking

Monday 13 November 2023: The Forest Pledge

Tuesday 17 October 2023: Statement on Middle East conflict motion and vote and the full motion which Sophie supported here

Monday 16 October 2023: Sophie Scamps introduces Bill to protect Australia’s water resources from gas fracking

Wednesday 11 October 2023: Statement on the attacks on Israel by Hamas

Monday 25 September 2023: Michael Pezzullo’s position as the Secretary of Home Affairs is untenable

Tuesday 12 September 2023: Welcome decision from NSW Government to end some logging in Great Koala National Park – now for the rest of Australia 

Thursday 24 August 2023: Intergenerational Report makes clear our future prosperity is tied to renewables

Friday 11 August 2023: Government must increase transparency around Commonwealth appointments

Thursday 3 August 2023: Sea Dumping Bill cannot be an excuse to keep mining fossil fuels

Monday 31 July 2023: It's time for government to prioritise future generations over the fossil fuel lobby

Friday 7 July 2023: Robodebt was cruel, immoral and illegal - those responsible should be held to account

Monday 19 June 2023: Sophie Scamps introduces Healthy Kids Advertising Bill in a bid to tackle obesity

Tuesday 6 June 2023: Rorting of health funds by Morrison Government unethical and incomprehensible 

Wednesday 31 May 2023: Crossbenchers unite to call for stronger regulation of harmful product marketing

Thursday 25 May 2023: Albanese Government should follow Victoria's lead and end the logging of native forests

Tuesday 16 May 2023: Appointment of Kathryn Campbell to AUKUS role an egregious example of 'Jobs for Mates'

Wednesday 10 May 2023: Budget delivers a surplus of missed opportunities 

Monday 8 May 2023: Changes to the PRRT don't go far enough

Tuesday 21 March 2023: Statement on NSW Labor’s Wakehurst Parkway Funding announcement

Monday 20 March 2023: It's time to end the logging of our beautiful public forests

Monday 20 March 2023: Changes needed to safeguard mechanism to safeguard the future of our climate

Monday 6 March 2023: Independent Dr Sophie Scamps tables bill to end ‘jobs for mates’ culture in federal politics

Monday 6 February 2023: Ending jobs for mates culture in politics requires an independent public appointments process

Friday 3 February 2023: Statement on overturning of PEP-11 offshore oil and gas drilling licence

Tuesday 24 January 2023: Statement on the Northern Beaches Council's decision regarding Lizard Rock

Tuesday 24 January 2023: Warriewood eligible for $500,000 community battery funding

Friday 20 January 2023: Letter to the Iranian Ambassador 

Tuesday 20 December 2022: Global deal to protect our environment a great step forward – but Australia must do more

Friday 16 December 2022: Abolishing AAT in line with my ‘Ending Jobs for Mates’ Bill

Thursday 15 December 2022: Energy Relief Bill provides short term relief, but faster transition to renewables required

Thursday 8 December 2022: Terrey Hills Rural Fire Service emergency response infrastructure welcome

Wednesday 30 November 2022: Parliament supports amendment to recognise and act on national GP and nursing crises

Tuesday 22 November 2022: The Government must stare down the fossil fuel lobby’s scare campaign over taxation

Monday 21 November 2022: We must investigate coal industry whistleblower claims of systematic defrauding

Wednesday 16 November 2022: Statement on NSW Government Wakehurst Parkway funding announcement

Monday 7 November 2022: Statement on AEC donor disclosure – Dr Sophie Scamps MP

Wednesday 26 October 2022: The budget takes positive steps but it’s time to reform the way we tax resource companies

Tuesday 25 October 2022: Albanese Government’s decision on Wakehurst Parkway funding disappointing

Friday 21 October 2022: New research supports my move to regulate junk food advertising in Australia

Monday 26 September 2022: Joint Statement - Crossbenchers committed to delivering anti-corruption commission with

Friday 23 September 2022: Independent parliamentarians final statement on the TPNW

Friday 9 September 2022: Vale Queen Elizabeth II

Monday 5 September 2022: It is time Australia’s environmental laws included a Climate Trigger

Monday 29 August 2022: Broad community support shows it’s time to move on junk food advertising

Tuesday 16 August 2022: The PEP-11 licence must remain dead in the water

Thursday 4 August 2022: Passing of Climate Change Bill, an historic day for Australia, but just the beginning

Monday 1 August 2022: Dr Sophie Scamps MP delivers historic first speech in Parliament

Tuesday 26 July 2022: Dr Sophie Scamps sworn in as Independent MP for Mackellar

Monday 18 July 2022: Private Members Bill to end the 'Jobs for Mates' culture in politics