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May Business Newsletter

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Inside this May edition of the quarterly Mackellar business newsletter:

  • 2024-25 Federal budget – get the lowdown on how it will affect you
  • How I’m acting on your feedback
  • Free asbestos awareness and training course
  • Women in business – free training and support
  • Free mental health workplace training
  • Federal Government grants and more
  • Showcase your product at Parliament House
  • Need help? Do not struggle alone. Free business support


2024 Budget Breakdown Webinar - how will it impact you

Hear details of the 2024 Budget in plain English, with a breakdown of key aspects relevant to you.

I am hosting a webinar on May 21st at 7pm to help you navigate how will it affect you? How does it affect your small businesses in Mackellar? 

Join me in conversation with one of our country's leading economist, Richard Deniss, hear insights into the economic outlook, the main spending and savings measures and implications for Mackellar small business owners.

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Not just listening. How I'm acting on your behalf.

In my recent business survey, I listened to your issues, ideas and concerns. Here is how I am acting on your feedback to help support you.

  • As part of my budget submission, I urged Treasury to investigate the rising costs of insurance, contributing to so many businesses increased costs. I will continue advocating on this important issue.
  • I supported the government’s stage 3 tax cuts, providing both relief to lower income earners in this cost-of-living crisis and helping generate an anticipated boost to the economy through increased spending after July.
  • I am hosting a budget webinar on May 21st to discuss the impacts and merits of the 2024/5 budget on you.
  • The lack of affordable housing is significantly impacting staffing in Mackellar. On 15  June I’m hosting a people’s jury on housing affordability to discuss the issues and develop solutions I can advocate for in Canberra Housing is a complex issue with long term implications, so I really want to hear your views.
  • Doorknocking by my volunteer team has revealed many of you are unaware of many of the supports available to business. I’m working hard to raise awareness of government supports through this newsletter, and business networking groups. I urge you all to sign up to Mackellar Grant Finder where there's extensive business support services, helpful resources and searchable grant information that can be tailored to your business eligibility.  

Free asbestos awareness and training course

Normally $175, this TAFE NSW course is available free until the 13th of June 2024.

Asbestos was banned in 2004 but is still present in one in three Australian homes today.  When asbestos is disturbed, asbestos fibres can be inhaled, which can cause life-threatening diseases such as asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer. Around 4000 Australians die every year from asbestos related diseases.

For the construction industry, unsafe work practices when working with asbestos can put you, your co-workers, and anyone else that may be in the area at risk.

This course is aimed at all NSW construction tradespeople, demolition workers, renovators, handypersons and anyone who is likely to encounter asbestos on the job.

Click here for more details.  

Free mental health workplace training

Get free coaching from a highly trained expert to help you create or fine tune your mentally healthy workplace. This coaching service is available to business owners, leaders, and managers.

Having a mentally healthy workplace isn't just good for your people, it is good for your business too.

Topics you could discuss include but aren’t limited to: 

  • coping with stress or overwhelm 
  • resolving workplace conflict 
  • managing staff who have poor mental health 
  • improving workplace culture
  • creating a workplace mental health policy
  • responding to incidents.

Click here for more details.

Women in Business program

Looking to establish a micro or small business, or already operating one? This fully subsidised online Women in Business program gives you the skills and knowledge you need. The Women in Business program is a NSW Government and TAFE NSW initiative, that allows you to hear from successful female entrepreneurs and access assistance in setting up and growing your business.

Women in Business offers tailored learning on the latest trends in business. Topics include learning modules across Business, Communications, Finance, Marketing, and Wellbeing. Program members get flexible 24/7 online access.

Accelerator for enterprising women – Kickstarter Challenge

This competition provides the opportunity for female entrepreneurs to take centre stage and pitch their new business idea. The total value of the cash prize money is $60,000 which will be shared amongst the competition finalists as follows:

  • The competition winner will receive $30,000.
  • Each finalist will receive $7,500.

Recipients will receive flights and accommodation to Canberra, Media and PR training, mentoring and more.  Competition closes 16 August. For more details sign up to the Mackellar Grant Finder and search Kickstarter Challenge.

Australian Federal government grants 

There are a wide range of government grants available to suit different ventures and industries. Some of the most popular grants include:

  • ‘The Entrepreneurs’ Programme’ offers funding of up to $1 million to help with productivity, business growth and competing in the marketplace.
  • ‘Venture Capital Limited Partnerships’ offers tax benefits such as exemption from capital gains tax.
  • ‘The Research & Development Tax Incentive’ is a 43.5% tax offset to encourage innovation in companies of turnover under $20 million.
  • ‘Austrade Landing Pad’ helps Australian startups in innovative markets like Singapore, Germany and China.
  • The ‘Export Market Development Grant’ provides reimbursement for export businesses.

For all these grants and many more incentives, grants, rebates and training programs please sign up to the Mackellar Grant Finder.

Showcase your business at Parliament House

Do you have a product that you would like to showcase and sell in the shop in Parliament House? Businesses can apply at any time via the online form National Showcase 2023 (

Please reach out if you have any further questions to [email protected]

Need help? Free resources to support your business.

  1. Free mental health support for small business owners.
  2. Debt helpline assistance
  3. Contract disputes?  Contact the Small Business Ombudsman
  4. General Business Help? Service NSW Business Concierge Call 13 77 88 Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm
  5. Winning Business | NSW Small Business Commissioner
  6. Can Artificial Intelligence help your business? | NSW Small Business Commissioner
  7. The basics of starting a business | NSW Small Business Commissioner
  8. Boost Your Business: Essential Webinars for Every Small Business Owner Digital Solutions Program is worth $800 and paid for by the Australian Government (it is only $45 to sign up for “All Access” or NO COST for the “Lite” program). Join their practical webinars tailored just for you. From turning website visitors into customers and mastering online ads to handling emails and storytelling for your brand, there's a lot to learn. Each webinar is a step toward making your business more successful online. Sign up today to start transforming your ideas into reality and boost your online sales.

Here to Help

As your Independent Member, I am accountable to you, the community. It’s crucial that I hear from you so I can raise your concerns when I am in Parliament. I will:

  • Listen to your needs on issues that matter to you
  • Seek your input on legislation that impacts you
  • Raise issues in Parliament
  • Work with the Government to develop the policy that supports business.