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Youth Voice in Parliament Speech

Today I rise to read a question from a young constituent from my electorate who won the Raise Our Voice in Parliament campaign. He writes:

My name is Edward Sethaphanich. I currently reside in the electorate of Mackellar. As the new parliament begins with the intention of promoting grassroot democracy, world peace and stability, members of parliament and senators should have the common interest of addressing the current state of this nation, as Australians face financial vulnerabilities and societal fears which stemmed from the effects of natural phenomenons which were once considered "once in a lifetime" events.

In the 47th parliament, members and senators alike should aim to achieve legislation that would radically improve our healthcare system as the system currently does not have the capacity to facilitate high quality health services on an affordable level.

It is also through this that members and senators in the 47th parliament should aim to implement large-scale monetary and fiscal corrections to ensure the stability of the Australian economy while alleviating the insecurities posed by rising inflation and global events.

However, an outcome which Australians together desire from this parliament is the genuine consideration of our ever changing climate and measures which could avoid the extinction of our society and the world.