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Sign the Petitions to Save Lizard Rock!

The Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council proposes to build 450 residential properties at Lizard Rock in Belrose, which will see the destruction of nearly 50 hectares of native bushland. This proposal is not supported by bloodline custodians of this land, the local community or Northern Beaches Council.

The facts - the development proposal:

  • Does not comply with Council’s Local Strategic Planning Statement and Local Housing Strategy
  • Is incompatible land uses in areas exposed to high risk of bush fire, increasing risks to life and property
  • Will destroy core habitats of various threatened species of flora and fauna and Threatened Ecological Communities
  • Will result in impacts on watercourses, wetlands, water dependant ecosystems, associated biodiversity and the quality and quantity of overland flow as it enters local and downstream waterways, including Narrabeen Lagoon
  • Will bring the urban fringe closer to Aboriginal sites, which will put them at greater risk of damage from visitation, graffiti and vandalism.

What can you do?

The State Government is now accepting public submissions on the Patyegarang (Lizard Rock) Planning Proposal. Sign below to stop the proposed development going ahead and save our native bushland:

Submissions are open until November 7.

Make a submission here.


Dr Sophie Scamps MP                                                                                                                           

Independent Member for Mackellar