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Richard Proctor

Before the election I had met our incumbent Liberal MP and was very unimpressed by his glib assurances that the party was listening to concerns about the Climate and our need to migrate to renewables. A career party politician who was minding his patch but would not cross the floor for his constituents.

I signed up as a "teal volunteer" after hearing Sophie articulate her strong independent message at her official standing for parliament event. 

Her progressive platform for action on climate change, improved health service, political integrity, equality and inclusivity resonates with my views. 

Conversations with Sophie reveal her warmth and genuine concern, convincing me she is a rare authentic individual. A really nice person who is motivated to truly represent the local community, not just another "career politician". 

During the Campaign, I lead the Doorknocking Team and enjoyed the camaraderie and shared purpose of knocking on as many doors as possible in the electorate. Hard work, but the challenges were totally outweighed by so many positive powerful conversations with members of the public who wanted change. I really was motivated by the journey of taking volunteers who had never doorknocked before, and watch them develop to become skilled brave communicators.

Sophie on her election to being the MP for Mackellar has exceeded my expectations with her superhuman efforts and commitment to change the status quo. She has worked deftly with her Teal and Independent colleagues to keep the Government checked. 

I hope she stands for re-election to continue the journey of change in how we do politics in Mackellar, representing the community not a party.