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Newsletter 6th Feb: We can win this

We can win this. As each day goes by, the more convinced I become. Polling in other neighbouring electorates already points to independents being successful in key Liberal seats (read more here). In Mackellar, where the official polling is currently being conducted, we’re hearing the same sentiment. The people of Mackellar are crying out for genuine representation that reflects our values and concerns, not those of Barnaby and the National Party. 

Talking to groups up and down the beaches in the last week, it’s clear people are excited about the chance to make a real difference in the history of our country, our planet and our democracy – not only by voting for a community independent on election day, but also by getting involved in our campaign however they can. 

While the major party campaigns rely on big advertising spends and paying people to hand out flyers, our supporters are banding together to show their commitment by bearing our sky-blue colours on their homes, cars and chests. I can’t thank you enough for this support. It is how we will win the election. And I was so encouraged by the immediate response from the community to our recent fundraising email, raising almost $5000 in just a few days. Thank you! If you would like to contribute you can do so here.

This week the Australian Electoral Commission published the list of political donations. Political parties received $68 million, more than 40% of all donations, from undisclosed sources. The Labor, Liberal and National parties also received $1.15 million in disclosed donations from fossil fuel companies. It’s hard to see how we can get real climate action when fossil fuel interests are funding our politics. This is why I will stand for donation reform and a strong federal anti-corruption watchdog to bring back integrity and accountability into our political system.

This week I met with Craig Leeson, who was nominated for Australian of the Year and is soon to release his new documentary ‘The Last Glacier’. His previous documentary ‘A Plastic Ocean’ paved the way for legislative change. I love his message of ‘Respect the past, celebrate the present, and dream big for the future.’ 

I also met with Cathy McGowan, the previous member for Indi in regional Victoria and the matriarch of the community independent movement. We discussed how, once in parliament, good ideas can be transformed into legislation and how to continue to include the people of Mackellar in the democratic process through reference groups, forums and communication strategies. 

In the coming week, I’m going to continue to have fun getting out into the community. Please feel welcome to come and say hello and have a chat if you see me out and about. 

Let’s dream big for the future Mackellar.




P.S. For everyone asking how to get hold of posters to support the campaign, please email [email protected].


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