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Thank You

CONGRATULATIONS Mackellar! We did it!

All I can say is the most enormous thank you to each and every one of you who voted or volunteered to help create a better way of being represented in Mackellar.

We knew this election would be won one conversation at a time, so I thank all our volunteers for every single conversation you had, every smile you beamed, every banner you waved, every door you knocked, every phone call you made, every tongue you bit, every triangle of bunting sewn, every pamphlet you letter boxed, every corflute you hung, every blue T-shirt worn, and every sticker stuck.

The enthusiasm and commitment of our hundreds of campaign volunteers was nothing short of tremendous. It would blow my mind to see groups of volunteers standing in the rain waving banners, or posters so high up poles I couldn’t imagine how they got there. We spoke up and turned up because we knew in our hearts that there must be a much better way of being represented and of doing politics. This election was about building back hope for a brighter future and holding our heads a little higher.

The change we have helped to create is one of the biggest paradigm shifts in Australian political history and hopefully this legacy of a more representative democracy will continue long into the future.


Resting and resetting

Over the next few weeks we will be flat out putting our team together and setting up our new office and systems. This will be a very busy transition period as we want to ensure we hit the ground running – so I thank you for your patience during this time.

But please don’t go anywhere because there will be ongoing volunteer roles and tasks for our new electorate office which we will let you know about in coming weeks.

As the new Member for Mackellar, I will work hard to ensure the voice of our community is listened to and reflected in the issues I fight for in Canberra. Over the coming weeks and months, we will be connecting with experienced Independents and their teams such as Helen Haines, Cathy McGowan, Rebecca Sharkie and of course Zali – to learn from them the best ways to continue to engage our community so the people of Mackellar feel a part of their democracy.

I would also like to hear from the Mackellar community about ways you would like me to listen and be your voice in the federal parliament.

In the meantime, take time to reflect on what you have helped achieve and take the opportunity to rest and reset. One of the most wonderful outcomes of our campaign has been the sense of camaraderie and community that has been created and we would love to continue in the same vein (albeit on a less hectic scale).

Corflute collection - they will live on! 

Thank you to everyone with corflutes in your gardens and putting up with corflutes in your streets. 

We will come and collect them all. No need to book or let us know - our team is already busy taking down corflutes around the electorate and plucking them from your gardens. We expect this task to take us until this Sunday. After Sunday, if you notice a corflute that hasn't been taken down - please email [email protected]. You can also deliver any you have to the office.

If you would like to keep a corflute, please store it away immediately so it is not removed from your garden by one of our team members. 

Our corflutes are living on - they will be providing flooring and shelter insulation in Lismore. Residents there are desperate for them and have asked every campaign to give as many as possible. We also have a small proportion going to a Greyhound Rescue Centre and being used to help saplings grow. We are also keeping some for reuse in the next campaign. Thankfully we will not need to use as many corflutes next election as I will be better known.

What an exciting period we are entering. I look forward to updating you on the transition in coming weeks. 

There is no cavalry coming over the hill to save us – there is only us.

So thank you again to everyone who stepped up, spoke up and turned up. This moment belongs to you.

What an exciting period we are entering. I look forward to updating you on the transition in coming weeks. 

Thank you for your support and engagement in our democracy. 

Dr Sophie Scamps

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