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Sonia Powell

My name is Sonia and I volunteer for Sophie, managing her business engagement.  I help write the business newsletter, work in the office and also out and about visiting business networking groups as well business door knocking.  My primary role is to raise awareness of the many government services available to small business and how Sophie, as the federal member can help. I use my corporate skills to give back to the community.

For many years I took very little interest in politics, too busy caught up in my career and family. But as a long time liberal voter I gradually became frustrated at the lack of integrity in politics.  I started looking at the funding of political parties and the roles that politicians took on with many of their donors straight after resigning. When oil and gas companies donate to both major political parties its no wonder we are so far behind on renewables! I was brought up in an era where it was not polite to discuss politics, religion or money!  So how do I find myself where I am today? It started with a kitchen table conversation and the realisation that I did not share the same values as the person or party that I had been voting for.  Gradually it dawned on me that politics should not be a spectator sport, that if we want change we need to help create it.