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Key policies

Climate & Environment

Protecting our way of life and environment in Mackellar.

Key priorities:

  • Setting a minimum 50% reduction in climate pollution by 2030 to ensure we have a bright future with healthy air, clean oceans and less extreme weather. 
  • Maintaining strong planning controls to prevent over-development from undermining our way of life on the Northern Beaches.
  • Driving Australia's transition to clean energy and storage by supporting R&D in clean technologies and delivering an interconnected grid. 
  • Getting immediate aid to communities suffering through extreme weather disasters by providing federal funding for increased capacity, personnel and readiness. 
  • Developing long-term adaptation strategies to minimise the impacts of climate change.

View my full Climate Change and Electric Vehicle Policy here.

Integrity & Equality

Fighting for greater integrity and equality in politics, so we can solve our biggest challenges together. 

Key priorities:

  • Introducing a strong federal anti-corruption commission to promote the highest standards of integrity and accountability for federal politicians. 
  • Reforming political donation and expenditure rules to improve transparency and limit the influence of donors and lobbyists. 
  • Implementing the Jenkins Report to make parliament a safe place to work for women, and supporting similar policies for diversity in all workplaces. 
  • Increasing support for community-led family and domestic violence services. 
  • Eliminating the gender pay gap including necessary legal reform. 

View my full Integrity & Equality Policy here. View the Integrity Panel event held in March here.


Prioritising improved physical and mental health for all Australians.

View my full Health Policy here.  

Key priorities:

  • Improving mental health services so everyone, especially young people, can access the help they need when they need it. 
  • reducing health costs through greater federal investment in public outpatient specialist services, including for Northern Beaches Hospital. 
  • Supporting wage increased for nurses and midwives and nationwide nurse to patient ratios to prevent burnout and improve patient care. 
  • Restoring respect and a higher standard of care for our senior Australians by implementing the recommendations of the Aged Care Royal Commission. 
  • Protecting our communities from new COVID strains and health risks associated with climate change by prioritising long-term planning and training. 


Economy & Small Business & Families 

Seizing the global opportunities of clean energy and ending wasteful spending.

  • Improving the budget bottom-line by ending wasteful, party political routing of grant schemes and redirecting subsidies currently propping up fossil fuel industries to clean energy opportunities. 
  • Reducing electricity costs for business, industry and households by driving investment in cheaper renewable energy supply, electric vehicles and batteries. 
  • Creating economic opportunities and jobs for people n the new high tech and clean energy economy.

Supporting small businesses and working families so our economy grows and our community thrives. 

  • Reducing the cost of living for families by supporting tax breaks. 
  • Growing local jobs for tradies and suppliers in our suburbs by incentivising households and businesses to electrify and become energy efficient. 
  • Decreasing costs and helping parents get back into the workforce by establishing universal and affordable child care. 
  • Addressing the skills shortage for Australian business by reinvesting in TAFE, apprenticeship opportunities and universities.

My full Economy & Small Business & Family Policy will be released on Thursday 6 May 2022 (to align with the new Economy Panel date of 5 May). Please check the website for details or come to the Economy Panel event that evening.