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Newsletter 30th Jan: Planning our way to a better future

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


As a working mother, I know that planning is everything. It’s about expecting the unexpected to happen and having a solution in case it does. As a doctor in the emergency room at Mona Vale Hospital, I took part in many challenging scenarios that were resolved because the team knew how to communicate with one another and had confidence in a shared plan.

Lack of proper planning for the inevitable extended pandemic, coupled with poor communication has placed our community in crisis. This week, as the RAT rollout for concession card holders began, we called 15 family-owned pharmacies in Mackellar – not one had received their stock. Instead, they told us there has been "a lack of organisation, a lack of planning and a lack of communication."  One even told me, "they announce the plan, and then they start planning."

We did find RATS, but only in the mega-retailers. Once more, the government has prioritized these above our small businesses and has let down our community. I’m meeting with small and medium business owners across Mackellar and listening to their growing frustration with our politicians’ lack of planning and support on issues such as these. Theirs are the backbone of our community and deserve to have strong representation. As Mackellar’s Independent MP, I intend to take their voices, and those of all our community, to Canberra. I know that together, we can find a better way.

On Wednesday, I joined the ‘Ride with Aboriginal Peoples’, a cycle ride from Kay-me-my Country (Manly) to Garigal Country (Church Point). The event is all about paying our respects to our Indigenous brothers and sisters and recognising that not all Australians see Australia Day in the same way. At the ceremony, Colin, one of the event’s creators, said that it’s a time to listen, learn, teach, and respect one another. This rings true for so many aspects of our lives, and I wholeheartedly agree.  

Over the coming weeks, I hope to connect with you, hear your stories and more about what you would like me to stand for in Canberra, as your Independent Member of Parliament. There are plenty more Meet Ups being added daily, or, if you would like to get a group of friends or colleagues together to have a chat, I’d love to join you - please get in touch with the Campaign Team to organise.


P.S. For everyone asking how to get hold of posters to support the campaign, please email [email protected].


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