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Media Release: New poll shows Independent Dr Sophie Scamps could win seat of Mackellar

Saturday 7 May 2022 

New poll shows Independent Dr Sophie Scamps could win seat of Mackellar 

A new poll of 834 voters in the electorate of Mackellar shows independent Dr Sophie Scamps is in a  strong position to win the Northern Beaches seat at the upcoming election. 

The poll, conducted by UComms on Wednesday 4 May, shows Dr Scamps (31.2%) in a statistical dead heat with Jason Falinski (32%) on primary vote, with a strong majority of preferences being directed her way. Labor polled a 15% primary vote, followed by the Greens (8.6%), the UAP (3%) and  One Nation (2.6%). Seven per cent of those polled said they remain undecided. 

The poll is the second to be conducted by the campaign in the seat of Mackellar and shows a seven point gain in primary support for Dr Scamps over the past month while Mr Falinski has suffered a  three point swing. Name recognition for Dr Scamps has also climbed to nearly 80%. 

Dr Scamps’ higher primary vote is partly due to an increase in support from female voters (up nine points) and young voters (up 17-points). 

Commenting on the poll, Dr Scamps said it shows momentum is continuing to build behind her  campaign: “While the most important poll is the one that takes place on May 21, what these results  show is that the community here in Mackellar is excited at the prospect of having genuine  independent representation in Federal Parliament.” 

“We started this campaign two years ago by listening to the concerns of people around kitchen tables, in parks and in local cafes and our campaign has now grown to include over 1,100 volunteers.  We are just two weeks away from polling day and I will spend every moment listening to the concerns of locals and working hard to earn their trust. 

“When I meet people on the street, they tell me they are tired of being taken for granted and ignored by Scott Morrison’s Liberal Party and his representative here in Mackellar. 

“Immediate and meaningful action on climate change, a federal anti-corruption commission with teeth, support to help local businesses grow and recover from the pandemic, equality and improved health and mental health services are the issues that people tell me matter most to them at this election. 

“As a community-backed independent, these are the issues that I will take to Canberra and work hard to address should I become the independent MP for Mackellar on May 21,” said Dr Scamps. 


To find out more about Dr. Sophie Scamps and her campaign, go to

For an interview with Sophie contact: Chris Williams – [email protected] / 0480 386 879

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