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Media Release: Nationals’ net zero comments a test for so-called Liberal moderates

Tuesday 26 April 2022 

Statement from Dr Sophie Scamps - independent for Mackellar 

Nationals’ net zero comments a test for so-called Liberal moderates 

Comments made by Nationals candidate Colin Boyce overnight show why it is so important that Australia’s 2050 net zero target is protected by legislation. 

Mr Boyce said Scott Morrison’s 2050 net zero target is “not binding” and provides “wriggle room” for the Coalition in the future.

These comments are a test for so-called moderates like Jason Falinski. Mr Boyce’s comments show the only way to guarantee Australia’s net zero target is through legislation. So the question for the so-called Liberal moderates is - will you support legislation to enshrine Australia’s 2050 net zero target? If not, then it is clear the so-called moderates do not support strong climate action.

The simple fact is Australians cannot trust Scott Morrison, Barnaby Joyce and the government they lead to be true to their word. Mr Morrison has already shown he is willing to break promises by not establishing a federal anti-corruption commission.

Mr Boyce is correct – Scott Morrison’s 2050 net zero promise is not binding, and it does gives future government’s wiggle room to walk back from our commitment. Legislating Australia’s 2050 net zero target is the only way to give business the certainty they need to invest in the industries and jobs of the future. A legislated net zero target also protects against any attempt by future governments to walk back our commitment to climate action.

The comments by Mr Boyce are illustrative as they provide a window into Barnaby Joyce’s vision for Australia. The Nationals and Scott Morrison’s Liberal Party have spent the last decade using taxpayer money to prop up Australia’s fossil fuel companies and doing all they can to stall investment in renewables and clean technology.

Only last month, the Morrison Government cut funding to renewable energy in the budget, while simultaneously increasing funding for fossil fuels.

In addition to enshrining our 2050 net zero commitment in law, Australia must also do better on our 2030 targets. Scott Morrison’s Liberal Party is taking Tony Abbott’s 2030 emissions reduction targets to the election. Modelling shows that a stronger 2030 climate reduction target will trigger an investment boom in our country that will create high-paying jobs around Australia.

That’s why I am backing the science, and calls from the Business Council of Australia and the Australian Industry Group, for Australia to set a 50% 2030 emissions reduction target.

Climate change is not only an environmental issue. It is also an economic, health and national security issue. It presents grave risk, but also huge economic opportunities. If we act now, we can win by mitigating the risks and seizing the opportunities of a global clean energy boom. If we fail to act, the science could not be clearer. 

The next Parliament must prioritise climate action and the first step is to enshrine our net zero target in law. I promise that if I am elected as the Independent MP for Mackellar, I will support legislation to do just that. 


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