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Creating a renewable energy superpower, ending government waste and supporting small business – Economic Policy Statement

Our economy is at a crossroads. The decisions that are made in the next term of parliament will shape our economy and our nation for decades to come.

We stand on the precipice of what NSW’s Liberal Treasurer Matt Kean says[1], “is the biggest economic opportunity that our country has ever seen.” What Matt Kean is talking about of course – is Australia’s opportunity to become a renewable energy superpower in a net zero world.

There are already amazing businesses and entrepreneurs here in Mackellar who are creating jobs in renewable energy and clean tech industries, and we need to support them to continue to grow and create jobs. While the Business Council of Australia estimates that by investing in technologies, programs and policies that aim to achieve net zero by 2050 at the latest will help us reap an economic dividend of $890 billion and 195,000 new jobs[2].

But our future prosperity in a net zero world isn’t secure yet.

Not only do we need to invest in renewable energy and the clean tech industries of the future, but the next parliament must see a return to fiscal responsibility.

Scott Morrison has racked up nearly $1 trillion in debt[3]. While a small portion of that debt was necessary – through the JobKeeper subsidy for example – this government’s approach to economic management has been characterised by reckless spending, government waste and corrupt pork-barrelling and rorting in a desperate bid to buy votes.

As an independent I will provide much needed balance and oversight on economic spending and will ensure a return to fiscal responsibility in our parliament as we pay down our national debt while investing in the services we all need and deserve.

Rising inflation[4] and cost of living pressures are also hitting many Australians with the cost of petrol, groceries, electricity, rents, our mortgages, health and childcare are all going up – and wages are not keeping pace[5]. While I support the legislated Stage 3 income tax cuts[6], unfortunately the rest of Scott Morrison’s plan to tackle cost of living pressures, is really just a plan to get himself re-elected. The latest budget had plenty of short term sugar hits, such as the cut in fuel excise, but in a month or two, those short term sweeteners will end and we’ll all be facing the same pressures again.

The facts are clear, the reason petrol prices are so high is because we are dependent on foreign oil. Part of the reason groceries are also going up, is due to higher transport costs caused by oil prices.

Electricity prices have also risen 141% in the last 12 months[7] – mostly due to the price of coal increasing and ageing, unreliable coal fired power plants breaking down. The best way to deal with cost of living pressures is to invest now in cheaper and more reliable renewable energy and electric vehicles (EVs). If we can wean Australia off our dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oils – we will no longer be held hostage to international events out of our control.

We must also tackle the ingrained gender inequality in our economy. It is not fair that a woman gets paid less for a days’ work than a male, and I will take steps to promote gender economic equality and grow our economy.

Finally, while it may be a cliché – it’s true to say that small businesses are the backbone of our community here in Mackellar. There are over 35,000 small businesses on the Northern Beaches[1], and many I have met in Mackellar say they have been doing it tough over the last two years.

As your independent MP for Mackellar, I will not only be a safe pair of hands for our economy, but I will work with all sides of parliament to make economic policy and economic reforms better. This election is not only crucial when it comes to climate change, integrity in parliament or for our health and mental health services. It is also a crucial election for the future of our economy and prosperity.

As the Member for Mackellar, I will work to grow our economy and support local businesses by:

  1. Making Australia a renewable energy superpower with policies that support new jobs and industries in the global cleantech and energy boom
  2. Ensuring a return to fiscal discipline by stopping waste, government rorts and pork barrelling and paying down Australia’s national debt
  3. Reducing cost of living pressures faced by Australians
  4. Promoting policies and programs that support gender economic equality
  5. Supporting small and medium sized businesses in Mackellar
  6. Making electric vehicles accessible to everyday Australians


Download and read the full economic's policy here