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Climate Change and Electric Vehicle Policy

Real action on climate change – making Australia a renewable energy superpower

View my full Climate Change and Electric Vehicle Policy here.

As a mother and a doctor who has cared for our community for over 20 years, I feel an obligation to step up and take responsibility for creating a better Australia, both now and for future generations.

Climate change is not only an environmental issue. It is also an economic, health and national security issue. It presents grave risk, but also huge economic opportunities. If we act now, we can win by mitigating the risks and seizing the opportunities of a global clean energy boom. If we fail to act, the science could not be clearer. The recent IPCC Sixth Assessment Report indicates Australia's ecosystems, supply chains, infrastructure and our own adaptability are at extreme risk from the impacts of climate change. It will affect the air we breathe, the water we drink and swim in, and the way of life enjoyed by generations of Australians.

The Morrison Government has not taken climate action seriously. It took advocacy, hard work and pressure from Independent MP Zali Steggall for the Government to finally commit to net zero by 2050. But this isn’t enough. Our net zero target must also be legislated to provide long-term investment and policy security and ensure any future government cannot walk back from Australia’s commitment.

Scott Morrison’s Liberal Party is also taking Tony Abbott’s 2030 emissions reduction targets to the election. Australia must do better. We are currently ranked sixth highest globally for per capita emissions, while the UN Secretary General recently described Australia as one of the world’s “holdouts” on climate action.

Only last month, the Morrison Government cut funding to renewable energy in the budget, while simultaneously increasing funding for fossil fuels. We need a government that will lead on climate action. I am calling for at least a 50% cut in climate pollution by 2030. This target is in line with the science, the ambitions of our states and territories, and what is being called for by the Business Council of Australia and the Australian Industry Group.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Australian Medical Association (AMA) recognise climate change as one of the biggest threats to human health. As a GP I’ve seen the impacts of climate change on my patients. The smoke which blanketed Sydney during the Black Summer bushfires led to an increase in both cardiac and respiratory illness with many asthmatic people suffering. Climate anxiety is also causing mental health issues for many young Australians.

While the Morrison Government convinced a court they had no duty of care to protect future generations from climate change, I decided to leave the job I love as a local GP, to fight for greater climate action. I did this because I feel that as a doctor, I have a responsibility to ensure the children of Australia have a healthy, safe and prosperous future.

We are at a tipping point in our fight against climate change. This Government has wasted almost a decade and Australia risks being left behind when we have the potential to become a renewable

energy superpower. But the good news is that if we act now, we can avoid the worst impacts of climate change, protect our economy and lead the world in the clean energy era.

Modelling shows that a strong 2030 climate reduction target will trigger an investment boom in our country that will create high-paying jobs around Australia. There are renewable energy businesses, experts, scientists and economists in Mackellar who have told me just how urgent federal government leadership is needed. Strong climate policy will unlock trillions of dollars in investment and give businesses the certainty they are asking for. My policy does just that by incentivising investment in renewables, our transmission network, electric vehicles and Australia’s natural environment.

A good climate policy must also help Australians deal with the impacts of climate change we are experiencing now. That’s why my policy heeds the call of Australia’s emergency services by investing in adaptation measures and our emergency response capabilities while also providing much needed assistance to communities that are rebuilding after the recent unprecedented flood and fire events.

As the Member for Mackellar, I will work toward tackling climate change and ensuring Australia becomes a renewable energy superpower by:

  1. Legislating Australia’s 2050 net zero target and setting a minimum 50% emission reduction target by 2030.

  2. Supporting Australia’s electricity market regulator to deliver 80-94% renewable energy by 2030.

  3. Making Australia a renewable energy superpower with policies that support new jobs and industries in the global cleantech and energy boom.

  4. Making electric vehicles accessible to everyday Australians.

  5. Developing risk assessment and long-term adaptation strategies to protect our infrastructure, supply chains and communities from the impacts of climate change.

  6. Protecting and investing in Australia’s natural environment to regenerate our nation.

  7. Protecting Australians from the health impacts of climate change.

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